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Protect your combustible dust process utilizing high-speed Spark Detection, Fire and Explosion Protection Systems.

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Spark Detection

Explosion Protection

Spark Detection


Spark Detection Prevents Fires! 

Detect sparks and embers in your processes in the incipient stage, to prevent incendiary incidences!  Spark Detection is used along with fire protection and fire suppression systems, as well as other Hazard Monitoring Systems, for layered safety  to prevent and mitigate fire hazards in your process. 

Fire Protection

Explosion Protection

Spark Detection


Protect Property, Production, People and Profits!

Fire and Special Hazards Protection,  create layered safety systems to protect your process and mitigate fires. This prevents down time, lost revenue, and risk of loss and injury. These can include UV, IR, spark, ember, hot particle, flame, heat, smoke, and temperature detection. 

Explosion Protection

Explosion Protection

Explosion Protection


Explosion Protection Systems Protect Vessels!

Explosion Protection includes Explosion Venting, Flame-less Venting, various types of optical and pressure detection, as well as chemical Suppression and Isolation, and mechanical isolation systems, to safely mitigate a deflagration, and prevent catastrophic secondary explosions!

Protecting the Process Industries from Fire and Explosions

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Client Testimonials

" I have worked with Jeff on various project for almost my entire career (>25 years). He is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry and a pleasure to do business with. No matter what your requirement is related to in the industrial fire prevention market, Jeff is the guy to turn to for a reliable solution. "

"...expertise in providing facility owners with fire and explosion protection equipment in the prevention and mitigation of combustible dust related incidents. ...three decades of experience will assist stakeholders in achieving a cost effective solution."


"System down time is simply "risk of loss" time, and stalled or slowed installation time is the same. So, he takes these issues deadly serious!"

"I highly recommend Jeffrey Nichols, We have collaborated on several projects and he is a pleasure to work with. His contributions to various projects and the Combustible Dust Policy Institute group are invaluable. Jeff’s extensive experience and dedication to safety is impressive. His knowledgeable of fire prevention, fire protection, fire suppression, and deluge systems, along with explosion venting, isolation, and suppression, protects mechanical and pneumatic conveying, and dust collection systems, in process industries from combustible dust related incidents"


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