Spark Detection and Fire Protection Systems!

Industrial Fire Prevention, at your service!

For three decades, Industrial Fire Prevention has specialized in helping protect industrial manufacturing processes, pneumatic and mechanical conveying, and dust collection systems from combustible dust fires and explosions.

We identify Fire & Explosion Safety System Design as four distinct disciplines, creating "Layers" or Stages of development and protection:

1) Fire Prevention
2) Fire Protection
3) Explosion Prevention
4) Explosion Protection

It is vital to understand all of these components as they relate to your overall plant safety program, to help prevent and mitigate combustible dust fires and explosions in production processes, and provide the comprehensive layers of protection required by code and current best engineering practices, and also to provide the safety your company and work force deserves.

· PROTECT Production Processes from Fires and Explosions
· ENSURE Continuous and Safe Production
· PROVIDE a Safe and Secure Working Environment
· PRESERVE Capitol and Inventory
· AFFORD Peace of Mind for all Employees and Management
· COMPLY with Local and National Codes and Standards

Realize 80% of all manufacturing process material, powders and dusts are combustible!

Does your manufacturing facility process or create dust?
Chances are your dust is combustible.
We can help you get in compliance.

With our strategic alliances we can help you prevent fires and explosions, and get in compliance with OSHA, NFPA, and FM Global, national and local fire codes and standards.

With an arsenal of products and services designed to help you mitigate process fires and explosions, we are ready to help you prevent fires and explosions in your dust collection systems, material handling and manufacturing processes.

Consider the value Industrial Fire Prevention can provide your company in helping prevent combustible dust fires and explosions:

*We have been helping industrial manufacturers prevent dust collector fires since 1979. Industrial Fire Prevention is a key resource for plant process Hazard Monitoring and Safety Systems, in many diverse industries, for large and small companies, many of which are household names.

*We constantly strive to keep up to date with what is happening with the market, industry, our customers, current code and standards, as well as current best engineering practices.

With recent major catastrophic events in industry, combustible dust is  a priority for many manufacturers, insurers, and regulatory agencies, including the CSB US Chemical Safety Board,  OSHA, local AHJ Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Code Enforcement Officers, and Fire Marshals.

We continuously stay on top of the current news, standards and regulations for OSHA, NFPA, FM Global, etc. to help ensure our customers stay informed. We publish many of these articles on Combustible Dust issues on our blog.

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"...expertise in providing facility owners with fire and explosion  protection equipment in the prevention and mitigation of combustible  dust related incidents. ...three decades of  experience will assist stakeholders in achieving a cost effective  solution."

"System down time is simply "risk of loss" time, and stalled or slowed  installation time is the same.  So, he takes these issues deadly  serious!"

" I have worked with Jeff on various project for almost my entire career  (>25 years). He is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry  and a pleasure to do business with. No matter what your requirement is  related to in the industrial fire prevention market, Jeff is the guy to  turn to for a reliable solution. "

"I highly recommend Jeffrey Nichols, We have collaborated on several  projects and he is a pleasure to work with. His contributions to various  projects and the Combustible Dust Policy Institute group are  invaluable. Jeff’s extensive experience and dedication to safety is  impressive. His knowledgeable of fire prevention, suppression and deluge  systems, along with explosion venting, isolation and suppression  protects mechanical and pneumatic conveying, and dust collection systems  in process industries from combustible dust related incidents"

"Jeffrey has been a very dedicated individual, with the issues regarding  Combustible Dust/Fire extinguishing services/products.  His knowledge  and experience, dictates, in all of the Combustible Dust Policy  Institute Discussions.  He is one of the Pioneers, in this field, and  continues to enrich customers and collegues minds, with the fire hazards  associated with Combustible Dust.  I wanted to thank Jeffrey, for being  a part of my awareness, when dealing with Manufacturing plants, and  Combustible Dust issues, regarding ventilation and fire suppression  equipment systems."

If you have further questions about Spark Detection Systems , Fire Protection Equipment, Explosion Protection or Combustible Dust, please contact us at the phone numbers or contact page on the home page. Thank you!